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What was the importance of Stonehenge?

What was the importance of Stonehenge?

One of the most fascinating sacred sites in England is, of course, Stonehenge. Who or what created Stonehenge and why? These questions have enthralled people, historians and archaeologists for centuries. For some it is an astronomical calendar, for others a place of worship for our ancestors where they celebrated their high festivals.

I think we should not think so one-sidedly if we want to explore the true meaning of Stonehenge for us.

What about a church, for example? If we were to say that a church is only for funerals, that would be a very limited picture and also not true, because it fulfils multiple functions in our Christian western society.

It is the centre of the local community. High holidays such as Easter and Christmas are celebrated in it. It provides space for baptisms, weddings, funerals and Holy Communion… or even just for Sunday senior citizens’ bingo! It offers shelter and is a place of refuge, in the spirit of Christian charity. It is an ethical institution, and acts like an energetic anchor, which radiates Christian values and virtues, like a lighthouse, out into the world.

I think the holy places of our ancestors were nothing else! They were all this and much more. I also personally see Stonehenge as a portal to intergalactic planes, where we can connect with the knowledge of our star brothers and sisters, as well as a place of power built on strong earth energies.

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An otherworldly messenger flying high above Stonehenge

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