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Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury, England

Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury, England

The Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury is a place of tranquility and healing. It is located at the foot of Glastonbury Tor one of the sacred hills and is thus completely enveloped in the energies of Avalon. As its name suggests, it is the sacred Chalice, which forms the vessel in which the red spring flows. Around this spring, a beautiful garden was created, the Chalice Well Garden. Many people tell of amazing experiences they had here and also of a beautiful white woman they saw who brought them healing.

When I visited Avalon for the first time with two shamans, they told us that they had talked to an employee of the Chalice Well Garden. He told them that a delegation of the Dalai Lama had just left, staying for a certain period of time in the adjacent houses, with the personal mission of their spiritual leader to take the energies of this place and bring them as healing to Tibet!

This place has it energetically thus truly in itself. One can confidently spend hours here and immerse completely in the healing energies. The red spring is called this way because it is very rich in iron, which you can see and also taste clearly by its red color. One of the best ways to connect with the energies of Avalon is to drink from it, because it is the lifeblood of the Goddess that emerges from the earth here.

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