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Just a normal day in Glastonbury

Just a normal day in Glastonbury

Glastonbury in the southwest of England is truly unique. Not only because it has been a centre of spirituality and healing for thousands of years, but also because it is one of the most unusual small towns in the world! When you are here for the first time, you almost feel like you are in a Harry Potter movie. That’s why I’d like to describe just a “normal” day in the life of Glastonbury!

I stroll along the high street around which the whole town revolves. Crystal and metaphysical shops are lined up next to each other and I am once again tempted to buy the hundred thousandth crystal!

There is an intense scent of incense in the air that envelops the whole Highstreet. I pass shops with the most unusual names like “The Goddess & The Green Man, The speaking tree” or the “Rainbows End Cafe”. Normality is discontinued here!

Highstreet, Glastonbury, UK, Goddess and the Green Man
The colourful Highstreet in Glastonbury

While I’m strolling along, a man in a full Stormtrooper costume comes towards me. He looks just like in the film Star Wars. None of the passers-by seem to pay any particular attention to him or even be scared, because that’s just normal for Glastonbury.

Live and let live is the main theme of the town and, with very few exceptions, the people here are extremely tolerant. I ask the stormtrooper if I can take a photo with him, he is very nice and agrees. My little dog, which the English always call “Maxwell” because they simply don’t understand the Bavarian “Maxl”, is also allowed in the picture!

Avalon, Glastonbury, UK

Then I go to one of my favourite restaurants, the Excalibur, named after the famous sword from the King Arthur saga. The theme around Avalon and King Arthur runs through the whole town. After all, many people believe that Glastonbury is the final resting place of this legendary king and thus the legendary Avalon! At Excalibur I order a cappucino with almond milk. Most restaurants in Glastonbury are vegetarian or even vegan, as are many people. Meat eaters have rather little choice here.

After breakfast, I am drawn to one of my favourite places, Glastonbury Abbey. The spacious park around the Abbey ruins is a beautiful place to walk, meditate or just weave yourself into the powerful energies of the red and white dragon lines that run through the Abbey.

Glastonbury Abbey - Supposedly the body of King Arthur was found here!

In the evening, I usually go for a walk up the famous Glastonbury Tor, a Celtic hill, to enjoy the sunset. The view of the town from here is simply unique! What’s more, you’re right in the middle of Avalon’s energies! Because Glastonbury Tor is a strong place of power and an ancient place of initiation for Celtic priestesses.

I often meet friends on Glastonbury Tor, and as I’m descending from the hill, I notice a man in full camouflage gear who is observing the area very attentively. In his hand he holds a hunting bow and on his back is a quiver full of arrows. This is a bit scary even for me and I ask a friend who is accompanying me on the walk if she knows what he is up to? Oh, it’s just Panther Dave, she tells me calmly, he’s chasing a ghost panther that some people say they’ve seen in the area! Oh well, everything’s fine then, nothing special, just a normal day in Glastonbury!

Glastonbury Tor | Ancient celtic dedication site

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