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Energy Update: The Great Healing Crisis?

Energy Update: The Great Healing Crisis?

Last night I had a strange dream that briefly woke me up. But I was still so tired that I thought I’d surely remember the dream in the morning to write it down. Then I heard a faint knocking sound right next to me, as if someone were tapping their fingers on my nightstand. I found it slightly creepy since I was pretty sure I hadn’t moved in bed!

So I checked to see what might have caused this knocking, which eventually woke me up enough to think, “Now I can turn on my phone to record the dream.” Maybe it was important to do so while the dream was still fresh. Perhaps the knocking was from my spiritual guidance? In the morning, while walking the dog in a small park, I revisited the dream message and made a video for my German channel, thinking it could be an important message. While editing the video, I didn’t pay attention to the length and was very surprised when I saw after uploading it to YouTube that it was 4:44 minutes long!

Although I initially hesitated to share the dream publicly because the message was quite heavy, this was further confirmation for me that it was important to do so. The overarching dream message was that in order to take the next step up the evolutionary ladder, one must first go down. It was a feeling akin to jumping on a trampoline, where the initial movement is always downward into the depths, in order to then jump higher. We see this phenomenon also in healing crises, where sometimes things get worse before they get better. Such a healing crisis can be extremely tumultuous as one goes through it and faces their deepest fears, but ultimately it serves as a booster in one’s personal development. I call this dream the Solar Eclipse Dream, as it carried the energy of death and rebirth within it. The light is dimmed only to be reborn anew.

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