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Word magic – How we shape our children

Word magic – How we shape our children

I am reading an interesting book by a cultural anthropologist. In it he tells of his time with an indigenous tribe in the Lacandon forest that has never been missionized and still lives as it did in pre-Hispanic times. He tells how the elders explained to him that the real means of healing the sick is not herbs, but spells and sacrificial rituals. The herbs can only soothe and aid recovery, but the real healing is done through word spells. Then last night I had an interesting dream. I dreamed of a family where parents, grandparents and children lived in one house. The grandparents, in particular, were constantly worrying about a little boy and trying to do everything they could to make sure he was okay. But they didn’t do this in a calm, unexcited way; instead, they showered the boy with their own fear and panic energy every time he was sick or uncomfortable. The little boy overhears the adults’ conversations, which were so full of frantic and worrying energies. I saw how this fear energy, constantly projected onto him by the people around him, was “literally” shaping his aura and subconscious mind, literally encasing him in a fear capsule. I felt that later in life, when he will already be a grown man, this will cause him to never feel safe in life and to be constantly surrounded by a diffuse sense of fear and insecurity. Yes, we also use “word magic” when we raise our children or when we want to heal our sick. And depending on the energy of these “spells,” we imprint them with the power that indigenous peoples called “magic songs”.

What I found particularly interesting about the dream was that the night before I went to bed, I invited the spirits who inhabit this land to communicate with me through my dreams. I had expressed a desire to reconnect with the ancient heritage of the ancestors, the Celts, who once lived here, as I felt a deep sadness that our “magic songs” had been lost. I interpret their answer in such a way that it does not matter that the original magic formulas no longer exist, since every spoken word represents a kind of magic, which means that we have the power to create new spells, that are no different in effectiveness from those of the indigenous peoples. According to our level of awareness, we can heal or harm with it.

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