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What is spiritual awakening?

What is spiritual awakening?

For me as a clairsentient person, spiritual awakening is perceptible, so in this blog post I would like to describe to you how it feels to me.

First of all, we have to distinguish between matter and spirit. Matter is the foundation of our lives, we live on a material planet that has a physical body just as we do, which can be perceived through the five senses. But if matter wasn’t permeated by spirit, it would be just a dead mass. Thus it is the divine breath, the “spiritus” as it is called in Latin, which breathes life into matter.

Spiritual awakening thus means to look beyond matter and to develop an awareness of the spiritual realms. Energetically this process appears to me like the opening of a flower bud. Through this opening of consciousness, a person will suddenly be able to perceive things that lie outside of physical reality, and over time he will develop certain spiritual abilities, such as a strong intuition, premonitions, true and clear dreams, clairvoyance, clairsentience, as well as increased creativity. In ancient myths, inspiration, which is the mother of all creativity, always comes from the spiritual realms, for example, in the form of a magical potion, such as the Skaldenmet of the Norse poets or the Awen of the Welsh bards.

But as with all things, balance is important. If we are too “open”, this can lead to an alienation from reality, as we can literally lose our footing. Thus, it is especially important for spiritual people to ground themselves frequently. If, on the other hand, we are too “closed off” this leads to us wearing energetic blinders, which are appropriately called “narrow-mindedness” in the vernacular. Here the focus is too much on the material world and a dogmatic attitude to life (what does not exist, does not exist!), which makes us blind for the subtle aspects of life, since these are outside of the limited range of perception. Here it would be more necessary to work on an opening of consciousness, through techniques such as yoga, qigon, tai chi, meditation or yogic breathing exercises.

From a clairsentient perspective, I can say that more and more people are opening up, so you can say that there has truly been a leap in consciousness in the last 20-30 years. When I was a teenager, most people felt very closed, but now I feel that in the energy field of many people an opening takes place, they become more tolerant, which can also be seen in the fact that many topics that were once pushed into the “esoteric corner” have now arrived in the mainstream and thus in the general consciousness.

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