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A swan as guardian of the place

A swan as guardian of the place

In shamanism it is believed that every place has a guardian. This can be an otherworldly being, a tree spirit or even an animal, as I learned from the following story.

A few years ago, on a very hot summer day, I was walking with my dog along a shady river. The landscape was idyllic and untouched and I almost had the feeling of being in another time. I was completely alone, as this sweet little stream was more of an insider tip than a well-known destination.

I sat down at a spot where the river formed a shallow bulge so that my little dog, who was afraid of deep water, could play a bit with his ball in it and get some refreshment.

As soon as we arrived, a large and proud swan swam up and stared intently in our direction while it remained still in one spot.

It was a strange feeling as I couldn’t tell what he wanted? He was not aggressive or fearful, but very calm, but from the emphasis in his gaze, I knew he had a concern.

I returned his gaze calmly and after a few seconds he turned away and disappeared.

But after about 5 minutes he came back and the whole procedure was repeated so many times that I felt a slight threat.

My dog was playing peacefully with his ball on the shallow bank and I was sitting on a tree trunk next to it reading a book.

At that moment I thought to myself that I could just ask the swan what it wanted? So I connected with him telepathically. And immediately I heard his deep and booming voice urgently asking me “WHAT DO YOU WANT HERE?”.

I was surprised to hear such a distinctive voice from such a delicate creature. I had not expected that at all, I would have rather thought that the swan was a female.

At that moment it was clear to me that he was the guardian of the place and I explained to him in a calm tone of voice that my dog just wanted to play in the water for a while and that I was reading a book. That we were just here to relax a bit.

After he realised that there was no danger from us, he swam away and left us alone for the rest of the time.

This was his realm and he held his hand over it protectively. Just as any guardian would do, because that is their spiritual task.

So the next time you are in a special place, even if it is just a beautiful place in nature, be aware that this place also has a guardian and be respectful of him and his place.

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