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What is the purpose of a magic wand?

What is the purpose of a magic wand?

When I started my priestess training in England, we were asked to make a magic wand. But it was not explained to us in what way we could use it. For me, it was anything but self-explanatory. That’s why I never used my magic wand until many months later when I had an intuitive understanding of its purpose.

A wand is a tool to focus intention. It has no inherent magic powers. The magic lies within the user and a wand only helps to focus and direct the power of thought.

The most important thing about the wand is its tip, because it serves as a focus. By concentrating on it and sending your intention into it, it becomes your extended arm. Now you can, for example, draw earth energies from the ground, bless a tree or a body of water, or draw a magic circle.

If you want to create a magic wand, feel into the structure of the branch. A wand is not a piece of jewellery, it is an amplifier. And if it is too massive or too fancy, it tends to block the flow of energies.

I have noticed that a simple wand feels the most powerful to me. Even the crystal tips that are often attached do not feel good to me, because I noticed that a wand that is made of one whole piece conducts the energies best.

Also, you should ask yourself what kind of wood it should be made of? What supports you best in sending your intention through it, a hard or rather a soft wood?

You can see that choosing the right wand can be a science in itself. Just like in the film Harry Potter, where each character has a different wand that exactly matches their personality.

The evil witch Bellatrix has an extremely hard and inflexible wand and the characterless Malfoy has one that is too soft. Harry’s wand is very simple and that’s what makes it a perfect servant of his magic, because a powerful mind doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles.

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