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How your character creates your karma

How your character creates your karma

When we hear the word karma, we often mean external circumstances that happen to us and over which we have little influence, a sense that there is a higher power behind things.

The Welsh occultist Dion Fortune said that karma shows itself in two ways: in environment and in character. Which we experience through family, social and external circumstances, as well as through our character, whereby the influence which the character has on our karma is by far the greater!

I would like to underline this with an example:

Imagine a drunken and aggressive man, how he riots and provokes on the street. Ten different people will react to the same situation in ten different ways. Why? Because they have different characters!

  • Person A might get upset for a moment and punch the drunk man in the face. Hereupon he will be charged with assault. However, since he has no previous convictions, the matter will end smoothly for him.
  • Person B has always struggled with temper tantrums. The old drunk man provokes him to such an extent that he beats him up as if he were out of his mind, so that the latter dies of his severe head injuries. As a result, he is sentenced to several years for manslaughter, which causes his marriage to break up, he loses his job, and his children turn away from him. His life is ruined.
  • Person C just thinks to himself, what a drunken jackass and just keeps walking. For him, this situation has no further consequences.

So you can see that the fate of person B to person C is completely different. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that person B has a worse karma than person C, only a different character!

The greater part of karma works out by means of character, not by means of drastic happenings... (Dion Fortune / Gareth Knight - Practical Occultism, Kapitel 4, page 58, Working Out Karma)

So it is our DECISIONS which influence our future path, they act like setting the course to choose from different options. WHICH decision we make, depends decisively on our CHARACTER!

Thus Dion Fortune said that if we change our character we automatically change our destiny, which is the logical consequence.

For example, if person B had made the decision to start therapy in time, it might never have gotten this far and he would have had a milder “fate”.

Let us accept as our basic fact that 90 percent of karma comes to us by means of the reactions our environment makes to our way of dealing with it. (Dion Fortune / Gareth Knight - Practical Occultism, Chapter 4, page 60, Working Out Karma)

Character development is therefore the key when it comes to changing our path in life and our personal destiny. Because if we fall into the same waters again and again, we will also have similar experiences in the same way.

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