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Finding the true life purpose

Finding the true life purpose

Many people sooner or later come to a point where they ask themselves what their true purpose in life is? This often marks the transition from a life of mundane reality to a more fulfilling and magical life.

After we have had the courage to ask ourselves the question of all questions, the Grail question, a deep transformation process is triggered and we become magical seekers on a journey to our true identity.

It is often quite normal that we initially feel a strong sense of insecurity and confusion, that although we know we long for more depth, we have no idea who we really are and who we want to be? These are the dark valleys that every hero and heroine has to walk through on the path of their initiation.

I found a beautiful guidance in a book I am reading. In The Goddess and The Shaman by J.A. Kent, the author describes how psychotherapist James Hillman explains that from our earliest childhood, there are clues to our later life’s purpose in the way we play.

For example, the author recalled how she loved to playfully make “medicine” from plant ingredients in her mother’s kitchen. Today, she sees this as a strong sign that her future life path as a healer and shaman was already emerging at that time.

When I think of my own childhood, I remember first and foremost my strong imagination and fantasy. I loved to tell stories and was completely absorbed in them. I have always been a born storyteller!

So if you are wondering what your true purpose in life is, remember your earliest childhood and ask yourself, what did you like to do without being forced to do it? This will give you a strong indication of what your soul has chosen as its path in life.

Often it is the conditioning of our society, or of close caregivers, who initially block this life path, perhaps trying to convince us that our dreams are unrealistic, that we are just weirdos and fantasists, and that we will never make money with our talents.

It is these conditionings from which we must free ourselves on our path to our true self, in order to become the seeker of our own holy grail!

*The Goddess and The Shaman by J.A. Kent (Chapter 1, Page 7)

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