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What it means to be a priestess of the dark goddess Cerridwen

What it means to be a priestess of the dark goddess Cerridwen

When I connect with the energy of the dark goddess Cerridwen, I perceive her as very pragmatic.

I found that very amusing and also unusual at first. After all, this is not what you would expect from a goddess at first glance?

No, if we are looking for fairy dust and glitter, then Cerridwen is the wrong person to turn to. Her answers and advice are often sober and realistic!

She once gave me this simple advice: “You’re not happy in your job? Then find a new one!”.

Shoot, that was the last thing I was hoping for! Couldn’t she just let me win 10 million in the lottery and take away all my worries?

Yes Cerridwen can work miracles, I have experienced it myself but often life is just about growing and learning.

It’s about becoming self-reliant and taking the necessary steps to make us happy. Self-responsibility is a major theme.

And this is only possible in the context of everyday “here-and-now reality”. But this is exactly what many spiritual people find difficult. They would prefer to avoid this reality and have entrenched themselves in a kind of fantasy world where you only have to hope for a miracle!

Cerridwen is the goddess who brings us back down to earth and leads us into self-responsibility through the experiences she gives us.

This is not always easy and that is why her energy is often feared. So for those who prefer to continue living in a fluffy pink reality, the aspect of the dark goddess Cerridwen is not for them.

Sometimes I laugh and joke when she has given me another one of her harsh learning lessons that I think she needs a disclaimer for goddesses, so to speak!

But she can also have very soft and infinitely gentle aspects, these often reveal themselves after we have finally realised, after a long struggle, which unhealed parts of our personality make us deeply unhappy. For our suffering is often self-created.

She would never deprive us of the learning lessons we need to grow. In these moments she steps back and holds space, to be there for us in the very second, when we have recognised the connection between our unhealthy patterns and our present reality.

This is the love of a goddess who wants to lead her children into their own greatnessย and independence.

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