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Who is the Lady of Avalon?

Who is the Lady of Avalon?

The ancient Celts often addressed their gods as Lady or Lord, one example is the Lady of the Lake or the Lord of the Woods.

To better provide the characteristics of the Celtic gods, we may think of them as what shamans call “spirits,” otherworldly and subtle beings. These gods often embody strong archetypal energies, just as the Lord of the Woods represents the power of the wild land and its animals.

Many of the Celtic gods and goddesses are associated with specific areas of land or scenic features, such as a lake or a mountain range. They are the spiritual aspect of the land, so to speak. By observing the landscape and feeling into it, one can get a clue about the particular character of the local spirit.

The Lady of Avalon is such a local spirit. Her hills are gentle and soft, like a supple woman’s body. The red spring, which shimmers in copper colors due to its high iron content, is her lifeblood that makes the landscape fertile.

In mythology, Avalon is the island of death and rebirth, where the dying King Arthur was taken. Thus, we may experience the energies of Avalon as deeply transformational. Everyone who enters Avalon will sooner or later go through powerful healing crises, which always include a moment of death, for only when the old dies can the new be born.

I personally experienced the Lady of Avalon as a very gentle Spirit, who is full of love and compassion. What I find remarkable is that she always responds when you call her or talk to her.

I have observed it many times and also heard from other people that she often communicates through her nature, through a rainbow or a heart-shaped cloud or also through something falling on your head (a raindrop, a small branch, a leaf…), or that an apple falls from a tree and rolls in front of your feet. These are all signs which say “I hear you, I am there for you”. There are also people, among whom I may also count myself, who really saw her and were allowed to look into her tender eyes. The Lady of Avalon is accessible to everyone, you just have to call her and talk to her. Over time, a contact will build up, which will become more intense and familiar from time to time.

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